Email Tracking

Email Sequences (+ mail merge)

Video: How to set up and send a sequence (6 mins)

How to send a sequence to your leads

  1. Select the entries you'd like to send a sequence to
  2. Click "Send Sequence" in the top right

How to create a sequence

  1. Drop down the sequences and select "Create a new sequence" (or choose an existing one)

How to personalize emails

  1. Click "Add Email" to add the first email of the sequence
  2. Add the subject line for your email
  3. Add the body for your email
  4. You can customize this with variables from your CRM. Learn more about how to use these variables.

How to schedule emails to send later

  1. Click the dropdown for "Send Time"
  2. Click "Send Now" if you'd like to send them immediately
  3. Pigeon is smart, you can also type "in 5 hours" or "Monday at 5pm" - pretty cool!

How to send from a different email (with aliases)

  1. Click the dropdown for "Your Email To Send From"
  2. Select the email you'd like to send from (it will default to your mail email)

How to include your signature

  1. In the email editor, click "Advanced Options"
  2. Check the box for "Include signature"
  3. Click save, and you will see your signature appear in the preview!

(this works for your alias signatures too)

How to attach files to your sequences

  1. In the email editor, click the "file icon" above the text editor
  2. Choose your file and attach!

How to track clicks on your sequences

  1. In the email editor, click "Advanced Options"
  2. Check the box for "Track clicks"

How to send emails in batches

Sending a lot of emails, and want to batch them throughout the day? Or over many days?

  1. Click "Advanced Options"
  2. Type in how many sequences for each batch.
  3. Type in the "batch interval", or how far apart the batches should be (in minutes).

An example: If you wanted to send 100 sequences in total, you can put 10 in the batch field and 60 in the batch interval field. That would send 10 sequences every hour for the next 10 hours.

How to set automated follow-ups

Learn more about how automated follow-ups work.

I don't want to send a whole new sequence, I want to set follow ups in an existing conversation

Learn more about reply sequences.